Product review for 3 PCS Silicone Anti-Cellulite Massage Suction Cups Body Massage Cups Cupping Therapy for Cellulite Treatment Pain and Stress Reduction by Ailuki …

Product description:

Ailuki Vacuum Cupping For Cellulite Reduction:
The "skin pinch and roll" technique is the only efficient technique recognized by professionals to fight cellulite

Warning:cupping can cause stretch marks because they form when the skin is overstretched,apply mild suction, it shouldn't hurt. Wet skin is a lot easier,It is better to take it slow

Benefits of Cupping therapy:
• Promote healthy blood circulation
• Relieve back, lower back, joint and muscle pain
• Promote relaxation
• Improve sleep
• Enhance your skin
• Uplift your spirit
• Help you overcome sport-related injuries
• Enhance your respiratory function

How to use:
1,You must either apply oil(like massage oil) or cream(using slimming creme)to the area
2,Strongly squeeze your cup to remove the air it contains
3,Apply Cup against your skin and release it
4,Move cup horizontally then vertically for 4 minutes
5,Make movements describing an "S" for 3 minutes
6,Finish with deep actions for 1 minute(you can use two cup at the same time)

Package Content:
1 x Large size cup
2 x Medium size cup
1 x Drawstring bag

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