Product review for Acubliss Purple 3 Set Acupressure Mat, Acupressure Pillow, Acupressure Strap for Neck/Back/Body Pain, Purple, 2 Pound

Acubliss brings the self-healing benefits of more expensive treatments (such as acupuncture and massage) into the homes and workplaces of people everywhere to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle amid the stresses of a modern world. Inspired by ancient Indian healing tradition, it is believed to have been around for thousands of years. Today it is re-invented in a more modern form, with thousands of non-toxic plastic spikes, harmless to the skin but with all the healing benefits of its legendary ancestor. Acubliss is similar to acupuncture; the pressure of the rounded nails against the skin may help the body release endorphins, the body's very own "happiness drug" which provides a sense of joy, energy and pain relief, and oxytocin, which makes you calm and relaxed. A lot of people experience feelings of happiness, relaxation, heightened body temperature and a clearer mind. While revitalizing and rejuvenating, it may also help you with the following – Relieve chronic neck and back pain – Reduce stress and anxiety – Improve sleep and relieve insomnia – Increase energy level – Improve circulation – Improve skin complexion – Relieve constipation – Cellulite treatment.

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