Product review for CCbeauty Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tools Rose Quartz Natural Stone Handmade Guasha Board,#3

With this CCbeauty Gua sha Board, what surprised is that you'll be relieved from problems like digestive disorders, headaches, dizziness or chronic pains after the treatment of a small guasha tool!

-Made of 100% natural rose quartz,100% handmade!
-Beautiful shape, perfect gift for your family, friends, colleagues, or schoolmates to express your attention to their health.
-Designed exclusively for guasha board, your best guasha tool ever
-You'll feel comfortable and smooth when holding and using, won't hurt skins

1x Gua sha Board

#1:Bar Shaped- Length 116-118mm Thickness 12-14mm
#2: Bar Shaped- Length 99-102mm Thickness 19-20mm
#2: Mushroon Shaped- Length 40-42mm Thickness 36-37mm

What is gua sha ?

Gua sha's scientific name is scrape threpay.Scrapping the meridian theory in Chinese medicine and bio-holographic theory under the guidance, the main function is to enhance the body's self-recovery capability,because the body surface and viscera have some connection, to achieve therapeutic effect.

Is the Scrapping difficult?

Scrapping entry is very easy, very suitable for family health, there is no medical basis of knowledge can still learn.The human body is divided into many bands, each of the following bands have corresponding meridians, in a certain control surface, scraping plates as long as the fall The wide ribbons, through pressure on the meridians can be transmitted to the following, points, the play treatment.

Effect and Function:

1. enhance metabolism and blood circulation; Sleep improvement
2. Detox beauty; Shrink pores and Diastolic wrinkles
3. Purify pouch and black rim of the eye
4. Invigorate the circulation and dredging the channel,relax your muscle
5. Regulating Yin and Yang

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