Product review for Coolife Anti Cellulite Cup Cupping Therapy Set, Premium Silicone Body Massage Suction Cups Kit Natural Pain Relief Cellulite Reduction Chinese Acupuncture Therapy Myofascial Release Tool- 3pcs

Coolife Silicone Cupping Therapy Set

Unlike glass or others, this Coolife cupping therapy set is unbreakable and requires neither fire or a pump gun to use. Suitable for self massage or with a partner. Transparent design enables you to see the treated areas during treating, so you will be completely in control of the amount of suctions being applied. If you are looking for a simple but effective way to improve your appearance and your inner well being, Coolife cupping thearpy set will meet all your needs!

How to use:

Step 1: Put some anti cellulite lotion or massage oil or cream on the target skin area.
Step 2: Put the cups on the skin and gently squeeze the cup in the middle, then put the cup lips to you skin and release to create a vacuum.
Step 3: Begin by applying a light suction and increase the amount of suctions gradually to stimulate circulation. Gently move the cups over the skin using straight line and circular movements, massaging for 8-10 minutes per target area.
Step 4: Repeat all the steps above everyday for the best results.

Benefits of Cupping therapy:

* Weight loss
* Accelerate blood circulation
* Eliminate toxins from the body
* Activates the lymphatic system (waste-disposal)
* The best deep tissue massage myofascial release tool
* Improve your inner well being and your skin appearance

Package include:

3*Coolife massage cups

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