Product review for Leosense Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool, 100% Hand Made Buffalo Horn Guasha Board | Ultra Smooth Thin Edge, Thicker and Heavy | Great Tool For Trigger Point, Premium Natural Yak’s Horn(Shell, 1 Piece)

Gua Sha Acupuncture Therapy Has Been Practiced Consistently for Thousands of Years. It is A Effective Special Physical Therapy from Traditional Chinese Medicine.The Guasha Practitioner Exerts Force on Specific Body Parts or Points with Tools or Hand Manipulation to Treat Disorders and Stimulate Subcutaneous Peripheral Nerves, Improve Local Circulation of Blood and Lymph Fluid, Speed up the Metabolism, Promote Nutritional Supply, Regulate Immune Function Through the Nerve-Endocrine-Immunoregulation Network and Facilitate the Body's Defensive Abilities. Therefore Guasha Therapy is very helpful for Body Massage, Anti-Cellulite, Skin Beauty and Treatment, Relieve Muscle Pain etc.

Treat and Relax Yourself Immediately Only with Our Small Guasha Tool! The Unique and Best Geinuine Buffalo Horn Gua Sha Board Available. 100% Customer Satisfaction from Thousands+ Testimonials ! Order It Now when In Stock!

Leosense Guasha E-Book is Very Detailed about How to Use Guasha Tools and How to Operate Guasha Therapy for Different Diseases. Please Contact Us Directly If You Not Got The Manual, It Will Be Sent Again by Email! And All the Copyright are Deserved by Us.

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