Product review for LLife Anti Cellulite Cupping Therapy Kit | Vacuum Body Massage | Flexible Anti-Aging Silicone Cups for Collagen and Acupuncture Size One Medium Cup and One Large | Includes Instructional Ebook

LLife's anti cellulite cupping therapy cup kit offers the best spa quality massage at home or on the go! Silicone cups allow you to be able to control the amount of suction at any given time throughout your massage. Our kit consists of 1 large body cup and 1 medium body cup encased within a cloth gunny bag. Upon purchase, you will receive your Ebook via email to help you gain a better understanding of cupping and how to properly use our product for anti-aging results. If you have not received our email, be sure to check your spam or junk folder. The dimensions of our cups are: (l) 8cm x (d) 6.8cm, (l) 5.5cm x (d) 5.5cm. ***Please note you must allow us to send emails in order to access your instructional Ebook. Upon receiving the Ebook, feel free to opt out of seller emails! Thank you for choosing LLife!

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