Product review for Stick On Moxa sticks Moxibustion – GreenMoon Mini Moxa Sticks with Self-Adhesive Large Candle Base 60 PCS

Mini Moxa Cone with Self-Adhesive Large Candle Base 60 PCS apply mild moxibostion on the acupoints of your body. It is easy to use and can soothe knee pain, joint pain and Strengthen immune system.

The Mini Moxa Cone is manufactured from the best Mugwort Origin of China,the hometown of Li Shizhen (circa 1518-93).In his work Compendium of Materia Medica,he introduced the best Mugwort to the world.Nowadays,the results of component analysis report show that comparing with mugwort from other place of China,the mugwort from the hometown of Li Shizhen is with more benefits.Such as more mugwort essential oil diffusion;more burning heat release;more beneficial ingredients.

Packing includes:
35:1 mini moxa cone 60 pcs
user's manual for common acupoints*1
gift box*1

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