Product review for SunlitLife Reinforced Plastic Chinese Cupping Set with Vacuum Suction Pump and Extension Hose, English Manual. TCM Massage Therapy (12 Cups)

Chinese traditional acupuncture cupping therapy has a long history and is recognized worldwide.

This newly developed SunlitLife Cupping Set is an innovative and excellent instrument for physiotherapy and healthcare, fusing Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern technology. The operation of this vacuum cupping set is easy, safe and reliable compared to the traditional cupping glasses that use fire.

By creating a vacuum in the cups and placing them on the acupoints of the body, it facilitates a seamless flow in the human channels and collaterals, eliminating wind-evil and wetness-evil, expelling coldness-evil and removes toxins, thus helps to cure diseases and relieving muscle pains.


Cupping Therapy opens up the pores where the cups were applied. It is important to get the Cupping areas covered after the session.

(1) Avoid steam, sauna, bath and exercise until the next day. Only take lukewarm shower for a minimum of 4 hours.

(2) Avoid exposure to the sun and wind for 24 hours. Stay out of the water (chlorine or ocean) for at least 2 days.

(3) Do not receive other body work for 48 hours.

(4) Drink plenty of water after Cupping. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and cold drinks.

The discolorations on the Cupping areas are due to pathogenic factors and toxins being drawn to the surface to be cleared away by the circulatory system. It will typically last for a few days. In some cases, it takes as long as 2 weeks to dissipate. Ideal gift for mother/father/Birthday/Christmas/Festival! Your first choice for Mothers day gifts !

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