Product review for Banyan Botanicals Haritaki Powder – Certified Organic, Spice Jar – Terminalia chebula – Detoxification & Rejuvenation*

An Ayurvedic Superfood

As one of the three ingredients in the Ayurvedic super formula triphala, haritaki (Terminalia chebula) is considered to be one of the best herbs for balancing, nourishing, and grounding the tissues of the body. Supporting the body's natural cleansing process, it gently removes accumulated natural toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. As a rejuvenative, it strengthens and nourishes the tissues and supports the proper function of the colon, lungs, liver, and spleen. Haritaki is traditionally used as a remedy for all dryness-related imbalances. It maintains regular elimination, helps promote healthy body mass, and supports comfortable and complete digestion. Haritaki is highly revered in India, as it is believed to increase energy, intelligence, and awareness.*

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