Product review for Tridoshic Oil – 100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil – 500ml

Tridoshic oil helps bring balance to aggravations of all three doshas, it is grounding and calming to the airy nervousness of vata, soothing to the irritated pitta, and helps blocked up kapha begin to flow. This blend of ingredients is designed for co-ordinated treatment of a few basic things which have a wide range of application. It first helps to relax the nerves, gently increase circulation, and open up the natural channels through which bodily fluids, both nutrients and toxins, flow. This helps to decrease inflammation and swelling which is the result of stopped up water and mucous. Secondly, it helps to moisturize and lubricate stiff joints and muscles, and while soothing the nerves, relieves nerve pain and numbness. Finally, it encourages the regeneration of healthy tissue and invigorates the Ojas helping to restore balance to a once aggravated body. This potent combination of effects renders this blend very effective for a wide range of conditions. Its anti-inflammatory and nerve soothing characteristics are useful for skin irritations and swellings, such as eczema and edema. Its emolliating and nerve soothing effects are useful for alleviating arthritis, and these combined with its subtle analgesic, muscle softening, and tissue regenerative effects help to relieve muscle cramps and spasms all the while encouraging regeneration. In addition, several ingredients have are mild aphrodisiacs and can help to restore confidence and composure to mind and body. Blended in all natural sesame oil this Tridoshic oil is great for the daily massage or an in-depth relaxation and rejuvenation treatment. This Tridoshic oil is made with 100% USDA Certifed Organic ingredients grown with care and love at our jungle farm in Karnataka, India.

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