Product review for Derma Rescue LED Light Therapy & Facial Toning System with Titanium Microcurrent Galvanic Wave, Red Light Therapy for Anti-aging & Blue Light Therapy Plus Microcurrent Treatment Panels for Lifting and Toning the Face Skin Perfection

Derma Rescue LED Light Therapy & Facial Toning System
The At-Home Non-Surgical Face Lift Alternative PLUS Red & Blue Light Therapy

Your way to radiant skin. Lift, Clarify and Sculpt with cutting edge LED Light Therapy, Micro-current and Galvanic Wave technology. Three interchangeable treatment panels rescue your skin from the effects of aging.

Our Titanium Treatment Panel uses low level Galvanic Micro-current Waves for a safe, non-surgical face lift alternative.
• Skin Tightener
• Improve Elasticity
• Increase ATP Production
• Encourage Circulation
• Revive Tired Skin
• Galvanic Waves

Our Blue LED Light Treatment Panel is extremely effective for clear skin.
• Minimize the look of large Pores
• Appear less oily.
• Clearer complexion.

Energizing Anti Aging Red LED Light Therapy boosts collagen production, plumping and re-contouring your facial features. Now you can use the same cutting-edge technology used by leading dermatologists in med spas in the convenience of your own home.

• Diminish Wrinkles
• Increase Collagen Production
• Rejuvenate Skin Tone
• Reduce Redness
The derma Rescue Facial Toning System Includes:
• Hand Held Device with 3 Treatment Panels
• One Titanium Panel for Micro-current & Galvanic Wave Treatments
• One Blue LED Light Treatment Panel
• One Red LED Light Treatment Panel
• Base Charger with 100-240V Universal Power Supply Adapter

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