Product review for Sperti Vitamin D Light Box – D/UV-F – Vitamin D Supplement Lamp

Get Vitamin D the natural way!

The Sperti Vitamin D Light Box is the only recognized ultraviolent light box for Vitamin D production in the human body. The Spert Vitamin D/UV-F Light is intended for individuals who may not be able to receive needed sunlight exposures, or tolerate or process Vitamin D supplements.

Features include: Easy to use. Bulbs are installed and no assembly required Contains 4 proprietary Vitamin D producing bulbs with a 1,000 hour average bulb life No warm-up period needed. Sessions can begin immediately Durable carrying handle mounted on top of box for easy moving and storage Energy efficient and solid construction Safety features including emergency on/off switch, timer with maximum 5 minutes exposure time, timed session from 1-5 minutes and two pairs of protective UV eyewear Made in the United States One year warranty to original owner

Did you know Vitamin D is the single most underrated nutrient in the world of nutrition? It is nearly impossible to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D from your diet and ultraviolent exposures is the only reliable way to generate Vitamin D in your body!

Discover the Sperti Vitamin D Light Box and get your Vitamin D the natural way!

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