Product review for TDP Lamp CQ36 TDP Heat Lamp Featuring New Digital Controls Mineral Heating Plate Infrared Light Therapy for Maximum Pain Relief from Joint and Back Pain Arthritis Inflammation Sore Muscles

TDP Lamp is a unique type of therapeutic health device. It offers a safe and natural solution for joint pain and body discomforts.

TDP lamp has proven extraordinarily effective in treating numerous ailments such as joint pains and body discomforts, caused by arthritis, back pain, inflammation, shoulder stiffness, sore muscles and spasms, soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, various skin and health conditions. Different from the typical infrared lamp and therapeutic microwave device, TDP lamp features a curing plate coated with mineral formation consisting of 33 essential elements for human body.


DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL WITH BACK-LIT LCD SCREEN: Get precise controls over different aspects of treatment with this TDP lamp. The LCD in the Digital Control Panel is large and clear, giving you all the information you need at a glance.
BUILT-IN TIMER: With the Built-In Timing Function you can never forget to turn the TDP lamp off over. Set treatment duration by pushing the Timing button. The Timer is adjustable from 30-60 minutes in 5-minute increments. If you do not want to use the timer, just set it to 00 and it will be on continuous power.
ADJUSTABLE POWER LEVELS: This newest TDP lamp comes with adjustable power option. Just hit the "Adj-Temp" button in the control panel and you will be able to set the power from 50-100% in 10% increments.
ADJUSTABLE HEAD: The TDP lamp head can tilt and turn to focus treatment in different directions for use.
ADJUSTABLE NECK: The height-adjustable lamp neck brings the center of TDP lamp head from 10" to 49" from the ground.
LONG LASTING HOURS: The TDP lamp head has an expected working life of 1000-1500 hours. It means that they should last for years if used once a day for 20-minute treatments. The Newest Model (CQ-29CN) CQ 36

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