Product review for Verilux Rise and Shine Alarm Clock and Sleep System with Color Changing LED Light

Sleep and wake as nature intended – relaxed and rejuvenated – with the Verilux Rise & Shine Serenity Alarm Clock and Sleep System. Wake up naturally to light and sound that build in intensity beginning 15 or 30 minutes prior to wake-up time. At bedtime, reverse the process. These synchronized sleep and wake programs provide the body with cues that regulate normal sleeping and waking patterns. Choose from six natural soundscapes — two with accompanying music and four without — or FM radio. Program light intensity to one of 15 light brightness levels you choose – either of Natural Spectrum light or Calming Colors serenity light that transitions through a variety of hues of the three primary colors. This harmonious blend of light and sound naturally directs the body to healthy balance and well-being, so you’ll wake refreshed and revitalized, stay energized throughout the day, fall asleep peacefully and sleep soundly.

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