Product review for My Heating Pad- Hot Therapy Home Set – Back Ache Relief (Blue)

My Heating Pad- Hot & Cold Therapy Home Set brings together three products to create a quality and affordable set for body rejuvenation in your own home. The different pieces of the set provide you with all you need in order to relieve the daily aches and stress that your body builds up and has to deal with. Set includes: Neck & Shoulder Wrap- targets the neck and shoulders area as well as the upper back and upper chest area, Adjustable Lumbar Back & Abdomen Wrap- targets lower back and stomach area, Lavender Eye Mask- targets headaches, migraines, sleeping problems (Insomnia), and relieves puffy/tired eyes. Use these natural and reusable heat packs to provide your body with moist heat therapy or cold therapy depending on your needs. Simply microwave for heat therapy or chill in the freezer for cold therapy. The filling of the Neck & Shoulder and Lumbar Back & Abdomen packs is rice and the Lavender Eye Mask is filled with Lavender flower and Flax Seed. The products will come neatly packaged with instructions specifying how to use and store correctly.We are eager for you to use and enjoy our products!

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