Product review for DAVID Delight Pro with Multi-Color Eyeset | Best device for Brain Training, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Mood, Mental Clarity. Increased Academic and Sports Performance

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Energize Sessions to wake you up

1) Used to achieve relaxed attention

2) Going in the morning without caffeine. Used by those with ADD and SAD symptoms. &nbsp

3) Sharpen the Mind

4) To “loosen up” a stuck mind

5) This session is very engaging. Used by those with ADD

Meditate Sessions to relax and calm you

1) Alpha session. People with fast alpha have higher than average IQs

2) Great for a little rest during your coffee or lunch break

3) This session reestablishes the natural alpha rhythm

4) Session for a quick, thorough afternoon meditation

5) Use for creative visualization. May also be used for sleep.

Sessions to help you focus and concentrate

1) Use to improve attention and alertness while reading

2) A session that helps to focus and memory

3) Use to improve mental functioning and memory

4) This session has rapid transitions for mental stimulation

5) Use this session to develop any sport skills or improve performance

Sleep Sessions to help you relax and fall asleep

1) For deep meditation and sleep

2) Meditate and visualize during the first half; fall asleep during the second half

3) Session to help break up distressing thoughts interfering with sleep

4) Use for sleep for those who have insomnia

5) To aid with falling asleep. Also for those with fibromyalgia

Sessions for those with mood problems

1) Used by those with negative emotions

2) Used by those with anxiety to enhance relaxation

3) Used by some with fibromyalgia and hypertension

4) Stay relaxed for your dental, massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic and other

5) Used by those with anxiety to produce high levels of relaxation

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