Product review for Emerge Premium Cupping Therapy Set: “Reverse” Massage Therapy Soothes Back Pain & Joint Pain, Reduces Inflammation & Cellulite, and Boosts Detox Naturally! Used in Acupuncture & Physical Therapy (4ct)

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Experience Chinese Cupping Therapy in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Low back pain? Muscle & joint pain? Back pain relief products & devices abound. Massage therapy offers a more natural solution, but treatments cost as much as $150/hr! Who has the time or money?

Introducing Emerge Therapies Premium Cupping Set – a simple solution which brings the same benefits right to you!

Why Emerge?

At Emerge, we are dedicated to providing the best quality products & relief. Our medical grade silicone allows for maximum suction – producing a wide variety of positive effects in the shortest time possible! With ties to ancient Chinese massage, our acupuncture cupping set brings the time-tested remedy – used to provide joint pain treatment & relief for: chronic back pain, muscle soreness, tightness, & inflammation in the body – direct to your home! Additional uses include: increased circulation, decreased aches & inflammation, body detoxification, cellulite reduction, relief of upper respiratory issues.

If you became curious watching the 2016 Olympic athletes, let us be your back pain reliever!

Home, Travel & Professional Use

Now becoming a regular piece of physical therapy equipment, our set makes a great gift for pros in massage & occupational therapy as supplies & tools for the office. Our premium cups are great for upper back pain or low back pain relief, plus they're a great tool for couples. Check out the video on this page for an idea of sensual massage made simple!

Affordable Relief On Your Terms

Want a professional level cupping massage at a moment's notice? Look no further! Our free e-book & instructional videos will seamlessly guide you through getting started. Our industry-leading 100% Lifetime guarantee takes all the risk (and pain) off your shoulders!

All for less than 1/6 the time & cost of a pro session! There's nothing to lose but your aches & pains! Order Now!

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