Product review for FIGERM Red LED Light Therapy Device for Pain Relief of Human and Animal – Light Therapy for Knee, Back, Shoulder, Foot & Neck Pain, Arthritis, Neuropathy, Tendonitis

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Pathological Mechanism
LLLT is short for Low-intensity Level Laser Therapy, also called as low power, cold laser or soft laser therapy. It is based on the process of light absorption into the cells, also known as photo-biotherapy. Thus it's safe, no pain, no-invasive, no side effect and easy to use in daily life.

Treatment Principle
This product adopts low-level laser with the wavelength of 808nm to irradiate our pain point. With the power of 150-220mw, the laser can penetrate deep into the pain area, deliver light energy to damaged cells, stimulate the cells to produce more biological enzyme, speed the blood circulation, absorb the inflammatory exudate and edema, provide enough oxygen and nutritions to tissues to lumbar disc of herniation, frozen shoulder, arthritis, prostatitis.
It also effectively cure the Non Bacterial (Aseptic) prostate. It can rapidly absorb the prostatitis(hyperplasia)caused tissue inflammation, shrink gland, eliminate the oppression tissue around the urethra.

Application Range
1. Cervical spondylosis
2. Lumbar disc herniation
3. Arthritis
4. Frozen Shoulder
5. Prostatitis

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