Product review for Orgone Pendant Flower of Life EMF Protection- Powerful Cleansing Amethyst Energy Generator with Black Cord

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What is Orgone:

Orgone is a term for life energy. Modern science is shifting towards more Eastern views of energy and how it permeates across all of life. Orgone devices have been shown to synchronize, purify, and produce positive life energy around the wearer's nearby surroundings. How They Work:

The organic resin gives off negative ionic charges, whereas the inorganic metals give off positive ionic charges. The excitatory nature of these opposite charges attracts energy and channels it through the layers of resin and metal, increasing its vibratory frequency and purifying it. The crystal acts as an amplifier to project and direct this purified energy in accordance with its specific vibratory rate. The device continuously exudes pure, balanced energy into the wearer's environment.

Orgone is not proven to treat/cure any medical issues, though users often feel certain symptoms decrease. Dimensions: 1.77in X 1.38in. Pendant may get hazy from wearer's body heat; this does not reduce the power or effectiveness whatsoever. Simply paint a clear coat of nail polish on or massage with a small amount of olive oil for a shiny beautiful piece that looks stunning.

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