Product review for RxED – Red Light Therapy Kit – Relief of Joint & Arthritis Pain & Swelling – Improves Skin Tone – Stimulates Collagen Renewal – Phototherapy Healing of Injuries – Humans or Pets – Bundle of 6 Items

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Red Light Therapy is a safe, natural and non-invasive treatment currently being used by Veterinarians, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and other Medical Professionals.

Years of Research Show Benefits For:

• Reducing Swelling and Joint Pain from Injuries and Arthritis
• Accelerating Wound, Injury Healing and Cell Regeneration
• Improving Circulation and Muscle Relaxation
• Strengthening the Immune System
• Improving Exercise Performance and Recovery
• Improving Skin Tone and Texture by Stimulating Collagen and Elastin Production
• Applications of either Human or Veterinary Use

The RxED Bundle Features:

• 635nm Wavelength Red LED Light w/ 3 Modes Hi, Lo, Pulse
• Ultra Bright New LED Technology > 1000+ Lumen Output Facilitates Joint Penetration
• Wide, Even Beam Spread Covers Large Areas Quickly
• Compact, Portable, Water Resistant Design, Lightweight Aluminum Alloy
• Hi Capacity Protected 18650 Liion battery – over 3 hrs continual use per charge
• USB Smart Charger with cable. Dual Amperage – Fast Charges
• Smart Charger also has an output feature (to use a charged battery to charge another device)
• Protective Goggles
• Carrying Holster
• Product Brochure and Directions for Use

Includes a No Risk, 30 day Full Refund Satisfaction Guarantee on your purchase, and a 1 year Replacement Warranty on the Light.

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