Product review for VITEROU Mens Magnetic Pure Copper Necklace Link Chain with Magnets for Arthritis Pain Relief,3500 Gauss,20 inches

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1.Magnetic Therapy Does Wonders for your Body

Magnetic therapy has been used for years to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.
It is also used to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and enhance overall balance and mood.
Are you experiencing these symptoms from any of the following?

* Poor circulation associated with Diabetes; Cold hands and feet.
* Pain and inflammation associated with Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
* Fatigue, insomnia (difficulty sleeping), stress & anxiety

2.Stylish Design and High Power Magnetic Therapy!

* The surface of necklace adopt delicate polishing technology which we use thick wheel smooth the necklace edges and thin wheel subtly polishing and brignten,every new necklace cost at least one hour for manual grinding.This technology can effectively resist from scratches for quality guarantee. Every single functional link has a 3500 gauss extra strength magnet and is made of pure 99.95% Copper for maximum health benefits. The design is very stylish and you just might receive many compliments! The design is stylish and looks great on both men and women.

3. 99.95% Pure Copper Magnetic Necklaces provide effective and natural non-invasive pain relief.

* Extra Strong Stainless Steel Clasp (clasp ONLY!) for Strength & Functionality: PURE copper is too soft and pliable a metal. Because of this, we've decided to use Stainless Steel with copper plating, to ensure the clasp holds true over time.
* Very low maintenance. Our pure copper necklaces come covered with a lacquer to prevent tarnishing & oxidation at first. With time, this lacquer may wear off and tarnishing & oxidation may occur. When this lacquer wears off, you just simply keep your copper clean & dry and remove any oil or sweat which may be on your jewelry. It's as simple as that.

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